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About Debuff Interactive

We are two friends who love to play video games and to code. Therefore, we decided to give it a try and create our own games. Andreas is a full-time software architect and developer, and he is responsible for our entertainment games. Sebastian is a teacher and an expert on game-based learning. He is driven by the idea to create educational video games that really feel like games and are fun playing.


Design, programming, UI. Unable to do any art or animation.
A fanboy of the Godot game engine.


Does everything from design to programming to UI.
Prefers to work in Unity.

Current Projects

We have realized or are currently working on a wide variety of projects. The following is a selection of our current work.

More details about all our games


A game about color mixing and geometric shapes.

Up to three players control three characters (blue, red, yellow) who throw a ball back and forth. While travelling, the ball creates a line of the color of the player who threw it. If a ball is travelling over an already existing line, the former color, and the new color mix together. In every level, players face a given task consisting of a colored geometric shape, that must be copied.

TeeDee – Club Defenders

Defend your favorite music, defend your favorite club!

Slow… passive… patient… These are tower defense games. TeeDee is exactly the opposite: You play with up to 4 players in co-op. The basic mechanics are similar to a classic tower defense game. However, you are constantly energized by completing varied tasks during the action-packed waves of enemies.

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